San Jose Jazz

Summer Fest 2018

New Friends, Sweet Jazz and Legends Tees

Date: August 10-12
Location: San Jose, CA
Event: 29th Annual Summer Fest
Presentor: San Jose Jazz

First off, thank you to everyone who stopped by the LEGENDS booth last weekend at the 29th annual San Jose Jazz Summer Fest. I am humbled by all the love being shown to our American past. People of diverse backgrounds stopped by and showed their appreciation for the sacrifices and advancements that our African American forefathers and foremothers made.

I have personally never been to this part of California ’til this past weekend. San Jose is just south of San Francisco in the heart of Silicon Valley. We had a great turn out and people love the tribute that our designs give to African Americans in support of our collective American history.

Summer is almost over and LEGENDS is getting ready for HBCU Football Season. We plan to attend as many games as we can. Come out and visit our booth at your school’s Homecoming!