LEGENDS™ Urban Wear is very passionate about helping people fulfill their dreams, goals and their rights in life. We are all created equal but unfortunately born into an unfair world where there’s classification and opportunity based on access to wealth.

African Americans have always been a collective. You’re probably familiar with the African Proverb “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” Everyone contributes to everyone else’s success and no one can take credit for his or her own success. We all collectively contribute directly or indirectly in our community and we all want to see others in our community succeed. Our ancestors knew that Our-Story was often unwritten often untold. Can you imagine a future with no limits? Can you imagine a past that made it all possible?

LEGENDS™ Urban Wear is 100% committed in helping students succeed in school and life, so much that 51% of the profits of every purchase made on this website will go to aa Grassroots organization of your choosing.

Education and going to college are a spiritual thing for the Black Community. For so long our community was not allowed to be educated. We know our ancestors fought for us to sit in these classrooms with the same opportunities as everyone else. There should never be a price for education or opportunity in society.

“If we don’t know our history we have no history; If we don’t give back we stay back, and if we stand tall we stand on the backs of those who came before us.”

Mr. Kim Perkins, Founder and CEO
LEGENDS™ Urban Wear
Thank you for your support!

Remember when you checkout to choose the Organization you wish to support!

Frequently Asked Questions

What organizations are currently available to support?
How do I pick an Organization to support on LEGENDS website?

On the checkout page on LEGENDS™ website is a drop down menu that lists every organization we currently provide support to. Simply click on the organization you wish to support then finish checking out and LEGENDS™ will record your choice.

How do I add my organization to the list for support?


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